EVA has been working hard to shift the narrative around ‘range anxiety’ to the more relevant concept of ‘charge confidence’ by sharing answers to the most common questions around EVs from consumers. The following tools and insights can be extremely useful to your customers to help support the transition to zero emissions.

Range anxiety is a thing of the past, let’s talk about ‘Charge Confidence’

  • How can I find the nearest available chargepoint?

ZapMap gives real time information on your closest charger, its availability, status, route planning and a handy method of payment.




  • How do I charge an EV at home?

Currently, the government are helping homeowners with a grant to make installation of a home charger a viable option. SMART chargers are “smart” because they use built in technology that can reduce your costs and energy consumption by scheduling your EV to charge during off peak periods. The Electric Vehicle Consumer Code (EVCC) gives confidence to consumers that their installers follow a rigorous code of practice for EV charging equipment installation.




  • How much will I pay to charge an EV?

Tariffs from energy providers vary due to a number of factors. However, rightcharge have a handy price comparison tool available, to ensure that motorists’ tariffs match their vehicle and smart charging aspirations.







  • What if home charging doesn’t quite work for me?

If you don’t have a home charger or have one which sits empty for most of time, Co Charger is a platform that lets people share with members of their local community while making an income. Co Charger creates charge confidence in line with their vision to create greener, calmer more connected places where people thrive.







  • How long is an average journey in the UK?

The average car journey in the UK is 8.4m miles, shorter than many think. The Department for Transport regularly publishes insightful data about average distances and times travelled, car ownership, driving licenses and more. You can find more details at www.gov.uk/government/statistics/national-travel-survey-2020.

If you have any more questions relating to electric vehicles, or any of our associate partners above please get in contact and we will be happy to answer them!