The NFDA Electric Vehicles team are helping Franchised Dealers to change the narrative…

Range Anxiety is dead.

Long Live: 


With OEMs bringing new EV products to the market at a staggering rate; government policies and roadmaps supporting zero emission vehicles on the road to net carbon zero; and the increasing shift in consumer attitudes towards sustainability; your dealership staff are encountering a whole new type of customer.

Our Charge Confidence FAQ Pack aims to tackle some of the questions that dealers are now having to answer. It is by no means exhaustive; it will be continuously changing and many of the answers may also depend on your current and future EV product. However, this guide will help you ensure that you have well informed staff, happy customers and potentially your own roadmap for future partnerships.

Please download our Charge Confidence FAQ Pack here.


  • Why is there all this fuss about EVs?
  • I like my petrol/diesel, why should I change to EV?
  • What is an EV?
  • I don’t understand all the acronyms!?
  • How quickly can I charge?
  • I still don’t understand all the numbers and figures!?
  • I don’t understand the charge cables and all the different types!?
  • How do I charge an EV at home?
  • How do I get a home charger installed?
  • What home charger is right for me?
  • What is a SMART charger?
  • How much will home charging cost me?
  • What if home charging doesn’t quite work for me?
  • Are there enough public charging points?
  • What are the financial benefits of having an electric vehicle?
  • Can I save money by switching to an EV?
  • Useful contacts for dealers