Plug-in vehicle charging times are dependent on:
  • The vehicle’s technology
  • The charging infrastructure available

When the charging capability of the vehicle is less than that of the charger, the vehicle will charge only at the maximum speed allowed by the vehicle. When the charging capability of the vehicle is greater than that of the charger, then the vehicle will charge at the maximum rate allowed by the charger.

Below are the current classifications of the different charging types and the times for a 100% charge of a typical EV. Please note, that as said, the vehicle itself must be capable of accepting the delivery rate:

  • Slow: 3kW 6-8 hours
  • Fast: 7-22 kW 4-6 hours
  • Rapid: 43kW-50kW 30 mins to 80%
  • Ultra-Rapid-Charging: 150+kW <20 mins

Charge points are primarily defined by the power they can provide. Think of this as how fast the tap in your kitchen can fill a glass up with water. This is measured in kilowatts or KW and is sometimes referred to as the delivery rate. How quickly you can ‘drink this water’ can then be related to the use of the EV itself. This is measured by Kilowatt Hours or kWh. The measure of kWh also relates to the size of the glass, or the size of the battery.