To celebrate EVA’s 300th accredited dealer, for Valentine’s week, we would simply like to share… Why you #LovEVA!

From Monday 14 February, to Friday 19 February, through our communication channels we would like to share your positive experiences since your dealership has achieved its EVA accreditation.

Can you:

  • Share images of the EVA badge displayed within your dealership?
  • Share a quote about ‘What EVA means to you?
  • Share a testimonial from a happy customer after displaying excellence in EV knowledge?
  • Share an anecdotal story of how your EVA accreditation has helped land a customer?
  • Share an example of when you have managed to convert a customer to an EV instead of petrol through the use of EVA and its values?

Or anything else along these lines which shows your EVA accreditation in a positive light!

In addition to sharing across our communication channels, we encourage everyone to share onto their own social media channels too, tagging the @EVApproved Twitter handle and using the #EVApproved / #LovEVA hashtags!

Alternatively, if you do not have a social media department, please contact us at as we will still love to use your examples during EVA week!

Don’t forget to check out the EVA website and find your local EV Approved dealership:,%20UK&radius=10

Remember, if you are not the correct contact for this, but would still be interested in joining the campaign, please forward this article onto the marketing and social media team at your dealership!