As electric vans continue to grow in popularity each year, the number of models available and their ranges are increasing, offering more choice in the electric van market.

Energy Saving Trust has developed an easy to use, online widget to help small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs) decide if an electric van is suitable for their operations. By answering a few simple questions, a business would be able to see if an electric van could work for them. Depending on the answers provided, different scenarios are given where an electric van could be a suitable option.

Switching to an electric van can be a good business decision, as electric vans can help reduce fuel costs and significantly lower carbon and nitrogen dioxide emissions. Electric vans also make financial sense as higher upfront costs can be recouped via significant savings on fuel and maintenance. Businesses can also benefit from some of the tax incentives and government grants which are available.

To find out more and try the widget, visit Energy Saving Trust’s website.